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I am Mr. Spirit McFluffy and the star of Magic Marty's Deluxe show but don't tell him I said that or he may get upset. "He's so testy for an old guy" He he!

On this page I will tell you all my news and maybe some gossip about Magic Marty. So check back her regularly.
31st January 2018
Hi Everyone, Spirit McFluffy back with some news.
Well Magic Marty finally got his Facebook page sorted. He now has 2 Facebook pages:
Magic Marty: Specialising in family and children's entertainment and
Children's Entertainment with Magic Marty.
Marty has also updated his main page with info and photo's and while he has been busy at the computer which is a new one as his old one died on him, he has also been doing some updates on his website too.

Goodbye for now
Spirit McFluffy

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