The Shows
45 minutes in duration

Ideal for: The larger birthday party or family functions with large family/ games room or held at a Community centre hall, School hall, Library, Child care centres with large function room
Audience size 20 - 100 persons.
Area required for backdrop curtain, tables, music/ PA system and performing area is 3 metres wide by 4 metres depth (see diagram).

Performance consists of:

Introduction and Warm Up

Magic to Music:
A visual performance to music where items appear, disappear,  change colour etc..

Rest of the show:

Comedy Magic with interaction and audience participation.

Included is a Small backdrop curtain and audio/PA System.

Please Note: Magic Marty does not perform in open outdoor area's this also includes under Patios, Carports,
Gazebo's  etc...

Magic Marty will arrive 60 minutes maybe earlier before show time to assess suitable performing area and set up so as the show can start at designated time.

There are 3 segments to the show Introduction and Warm up, Magic to Music and Audience Participation.

Introduction Warm up:
This is where Magic Marty breaks the ice with the children and establishes the Magic word for the day. If it is a birthday party Magic Marty introduces the Birthday child.
Magic to music: A visual segment where items appear, disappear, change colour etc...
Rest of the Show, Audience Participation:
During this part of the show, children will be invited to help Magic Marty make the magic work, if it is a birthday party, the birthday child is the star of the show and will help Magic Marty two or three times during the show and is a great time to take photographs.

During the show there are funny sight gags which keep the children laughing at the comical situations (usually at Magic Marty’s expense). Children are encouraged the help with the magic by either calling out the magic word for the day, wiggling their fingers or putting their hands up to get a chance to help Magic Marty make the Magic Work.

With Magic Marty's experience performing with children he is mindful that there may be some children in the audience who are shy and may not want to participate, Magic Marty tries to encourage these children to participate but does not embarrass or make children look or feel silly, his aim is to entertain them, make them laugh and have a positive experience and a great fun time.


Magic Marty is a  Professional entertainer and has been for 40+ years. Costs of the shows are based on his experience and time.
If you are looking for entertainment for a family or children's function, Magic Marty can give you a competitive costing for your function and is available 7 days a week except for Australia Day, Anzac Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas day.
All other Public holidays are charged at weekend rates.

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